Optimization Please

Make This Customer #1

May 09, 2023 John Buglino Season 1 Episode 1
Optimization Please
Make This Customer #1
Show Notes

Episode Summary: 

  • Metal fabrication provider wanted to make sure their top customer, based on revenue, was always given priority when sales input an order from them

Pain Points Summary:

  • Sales dropped orders into the ERP and CRM systems at all hours of the day – typically after the 1st hour of shift one beginning
  • Sales would promise a delivery date without consulting the planner
  • Planning team would scramble to shift orders around based on the updates from sales
  • Planning team would lose 3 days every time the customer was given priority
  • Other customers would experience delays on delivery, without being provided with notice
  • Company lost 30% of its customers in 2 years due to the issues with customer prioritization

Optimization Summary:

  • Sales orders would automatically sync with the current schedule for the given shift
  • Accurate delivery dates were provided to the top customer + impacted customers because of the prioritization
  • Planning team would take less than 1 hour to review impacts to the plans and schedules
  • Sales team would get ahead of delays or shifts in originally promised delivery dates
  • Company could increase conversations with their customers and sell more
  • Company uncovered capacity to deliver orders ahead of schedule